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Experience a sports shoe performance in its variety:

Gymnastik Kids
Gymnastics kids
Gorgeous gymnastics shoes for children in many colours and coloured motifs. A pink owl in or coloured gummi bears? Cars in light blue, red mice or coloured elephants?
Or rather the fine asterisks on salmon? Enjoy our colourful sports shoe world for children, their eyes will sparkle with joy. Upper cotton, elastic edging, cushion insole, rubber sole. 

Gymnastik bunt
Gymnastics coloured

Gymnastics shoes with motifs selected with loving attention to detail or in colours from lilac, rose to neon-coloured. Made by hand from cotton, satin, panne velvet, stretch, synthetics or leather. Choose your favourite material and enjoy the convenience and the quality of a Trostel shoe when doing sports and in your leisure time. More...

Gymnastik Standard

Gymnastics standard
Our universal gymnastics shoes for training or professional performance. Choose from simple to laced in leather, partly with two sole variants. Manually produced from cotton, stretch, leather, synthetics or shiny satin, of course with elastic edging and the wear comfort of a Trostel sports shoe. More...

Gymnastik Spezial CT

Gymnastics special CT
Our collection for noble gymnastics shoes of high-quality leather in top quality. Experience tastefully selected colours with the wear comfort of cushioned rubber soles or cushioned chrome leather soles. A modern gymnastics shoe for special occasions as well. More...


Carnival show dance
From amateur to pro: dancing boots, half boots and slippers for competitive dancing and show dance. Made by hand of leather with comfortable lining. Choose your suitable shaft height for your boots.  Our dancing shoes have different soles like chrome leather, rubber, also combined, according to use and suitability. Or with chrome leather outsole, rubber stud outsole or sponge rubber wedge sole. Find your correct dancing shoe here and the show dance goes on, convenient with a high wearing comfort. More...


Jazz dance
Elegant and sporty gymnastics and jazz dancing shoes for amateurs and pros. Of course made by hand of leather with a selection of various soles. A classical dancing shoe with lacing, manufactured in high quality. More...


Robust gymnastics and ballet shoes for ballet exercise and performance. Made by hand in leather. High wear comfort for a good performance. More...

Eurythmie Schuhe

Sophisticated and comfortable eurythmy shoes for exercise and performance. Hand-sewn of cotton with cushion insole and rubber sole, also with extra wide sole form. More...


Vaulting shoes and boots for training and performance. A professional sports shoe with vertically grooved rubber sole to prevent sideway slipping from the horseback, or with divided rubber outsole. The best shoe for you and your horse. More...


Trick cycling
Hand-made professional trick cycling shoe, upper leather, wear comfort due to expansion compensation with elastic edging, cushioned insole, horizontally grooved rubber sole. More...


Artistic gymnastics
Elegant sports shoes for gymnastics, training and freestyle. Gymnastics shoes in various executions. Handcrafted with upper material of special velour, leather or cotton. More...

Rhythmische Sportgymnastik

Rhythmic gymnastics oriental dance
Sophisticated sports shoe with gymnastics cap and soft chrome leather sole or as an afro sandal - dancing sandal for barefoot dancing. Upper special velour. More...

Krabbelschuh Classic

Crawling shoes classic
The classic crawling shoe! Very comfortable crawling shoe of plain-coloured nappa leather in 18 colour versions. Heel with integrated elastic band for best fit, handcrafted with loving attention. More...

Krabbelschuh Color

Crawling shoes colour 
A small colour selection with handcrafted crawling shoes of coloured nappa leather. If your requested colour is not on the list, you can also combine an individual colour combination from our colour map. Heel with integrated elastic band for best fit, here children feel comfortable. More...

Krabbelschuh Motiv

Crawling shoes with motif
Large range of handcrafted crawling shoes made of plain-coloured or multi-coloured nappa leather with many coloured textile or leather motif applications. Heel with integrated elastic band for best fit. Each motif is available in 3 shoe colour versions. More...

Krabbelschuh mit Motivband
Crawling shoes with motif ribbon
Crawling shoes of plain or coloured nappa leather with motif ribbon.  Heel with integrated elastic band for best fit. Each motif ribbon is available in 3 shoe colour versions. More...

Krabbelschuh mit Stickerei

Crawling shoes with embroidery
An individual crawling shoe according to your wishes with embroidery of the name or date of birth. Have a look at the possibilities. More...


The Trostel top item for wild soccer boys


We invite you to take a look at our extensive and coloured offer of sports shoes for all age groups as well as crawling shoes for our youngest ones in many motifs and colours.

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We wish you lots of fun.

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Our shoes are made by hand of natural materials in our family enterprise in Southern Germany.

We are continuously enlarging our scope of colours and motifs. And we react to your wishes and ideas, because we enjoy your feedback and it is important to us. This way, we learn how we can become even better and which product range we should expand.

We do not produce at the assembly line, if you order a pair of shoes, these shoes will be manufactured for you. If you have any special requests, write us. We would like to try to fulfil your dreams.


Special requests?
Here some examples:

Custom-made vaulting shoes
This vaulting shoe was custom-made for Josephine Wrobel.
The sewn-in rubber insert is made of the same material as her sports suit.
The perfect optical combination, material and colour matched with a Trostel shoe.


Wrobel RVV Bromskirchen


Gymnastics shoes with your name or association symbol

Choose a posh sports shoe with your embroidered association logo, your trademark, family coat of arms or many things more. Info...

embroidered association logo

embroidered association logo
Dancing boot with association symbol.
Released by
TSC Dance Inspiration Großbottwar-Oberstenfeld e.V.


embroidered association logo
Crawling shoe with company logo or trademark

Surprise your partners and friends with a pair of high-quality crawling shoes with your embroidered company logo.
This extraordinary gift attracts a great deal of attention and shows your enterprise in a very "affectionate format".

embroidered association logo
Crawling shoe with company logo.
Released by
Hainbuch GmbH